Pearson have updated the BTEC First in Sport course this year.

For the moment I am going to leave btecpe.com set up for the older qualification and update it throughout the year.

The updated course is split into 6 units.

  1. Fitness for Sport and Exercise

  2. Practical Sports Performance

  3. Applying the Principles of Personal Training

  4. The Mind and Sports Performance

  5. The Sports Performer in Action

  6. Leading Sports Activities

Units 1-3 are now compulsory, and teachers need to select 1 other topic from units 4, 5 or 6.

Unit 1 remains the same which investigates the main fitness components, principles of training, training methods and fitness testing.  The online exam has been increased to 1hr15 and is out of 60 marks.

All the content I have produced on my YouTube channel is still relevant for the unit 1 exam.

Unit 2 sees the performer show understanding of the major sporting rules and regulations, demonstrates practical techniques and participates in a variety of drills and competitive matches, as well as evaluating their own performance.

The only major change to the previous course is that the pupils need to apply their knowledge of the fitness components to these sports for the learning aim B assignment.

Unit 3 Applying the Principles of Personal Training is a completely new unit and will focus on pupils applying what they have previously learnt in other units.

Learning Aim A sees the pupil design a 6 week training programme with a clear aim to target a specific area of weakness or fitness component.  When planning this programme students should consider personal objectives and medical history, the appropriate training methods to target the goal and basic principles of training.

Learning Aim B requires the students to learn about the structure of the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems whilst also considering the short-term effects exercise will have on these systems.

The students will complete their training programmes for Learning Aim C and then review the programme for Learning Aim D.

The optional Units 4-6 remain unchanged.

Unit 4 The Mind and the Sports Performer requires pupils to examine the psychology of sport.

Unit 5 sees the student investigate the short and long-term effects exercise has on the body.

Whilst pupils need to demonstrate knowledge of how to lead when coaching in sport for Unit 6.


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